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The future of the world, slowly will devolve into a decrepitude state of non existence. Not because no one believes in a God, or the fact that the humankind is to focused on the material world to see what lies beyond this physical realm. It will be because there will no longer be value intrinsic of human life or life in general. The worship of the all mighty science will lead us on a path of pure synthesis. Words like happiness, love, sadness will all be referred to as mere chemical reactions. Wars will no longer be fought over who can claim God’s salvation, the synthetic blood of our future soldiers will be spilled over who has the correct scientific theory, neither side taking the time to realize they are both correct. Laws and society will eventually fall, believers will be persecuted for holding their repressive theories on man kind. Every atheist laying on their death bed secretly praying that there is a god. The age of atheist will die out and give birth to the most socially perverse time in humankind, the nihilist state.